Welcome to the team

by Elan Snowboards

date 12.12.2013

We are pleased to announce our three new riders from Switzerland: Stefanie Gunther, Valentin Zimmerman and William Arnold.

Stefanie is a Laax based powder freak, who spends most of her winter seasons searching for that white stuff that we all love. Her accomplices in crime are often some of the biggest names in big mountain riding such as Nicolas Müller, Markus Keller and many other well known Swiss riders.

Valentin and William are two young bucks on the rise. These two have mostly been riding the well groomed parks of Switzerland but are eger to bring their rail skills to the streets. We will surely see these two stepping up their game and hopefully the outcome will result in some great street footage.

Stefi, Valentin and Will welcome to the team!

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