Down for the cause

What is The Cause? Is it Progression? No. Nor is it dedication or innovation. These things serve The Cause. But they are not the reason for our actions. The Cause is about having the ultimate snowboarding experience. And we pursue this ideal through our passion for developing superior snowboard products. We believe in The Cause because we know it leads to the things we all want; the satisfaction of achievement and to have a good time and enjoy life. That is the reason for our work, and the foundation for our goals. At Elan, we do this because we love to. We do this because we are down for the cause.

The P.Lab – that is Engineers, riders, and 100 day-a-year snowboarders, who keep Elan at the forefront of snowboard design. A collective of riders from the past, rich in riding experience developing tomorrow’s boards. A collective of tomorrow’s riding future, that are seen in magazines and videos the world abroad.
This is the P.Lab

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