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Latest news

Check some behind the scene pics of Gus' latest project and read his enigmatic quote!


Gus Engle, his better half Esthera Preda and one of his best buddies Jonas Michilot decided that it's time to make a Pozi Pozi movie. Not fimiliar with the term well Pozi Pozi is a movment, cult, crew, clan that rides their snowboards with both bindings at a positive angle hence the name.


The west coast of the states didn't have the best winter conditions this year but there was a light at the end of the tunnel for Gabe. Why you ask? 'Cuz he is claiming that the new board in our 2015/16 collection called the Figment is the best board he has ever ridden and this guy has had a few boards under his feet over the years...


Zach spent his last days in Colorado in search of some deep powder, before heading out to his new home in Carlsbad, California...


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