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What looks appealing on the store’s display does not always remain strong while on the mountains. Further, even if the present snowboard gear is of an esteemed brand, there is something new out there that ensure better days on the snow. To keep an eye on these new things and have the most reliable snowboard gear, we are here.

Established seven years ago, we are a network of people like you who like to enjoy simple snow rides and challenging snow adventures. We riders play a role of snow gear testers so that we can provide you with the most useful, credible, and decision-facilitating reviews as well as buying advice.

As we are like you, we are committed to conduct fair, meticulous, and one-on-one tests of competing and comparable snowboard gear such as snowboard bindings, boots, jackets, and so on. The tests are performed under controlled circumstances as well as on snow sites.

The ratings are given to each of our products as per the fulfillment of different criteria or expectations. We finally highlight the top products to consider for any snow adventure or for a particular application.
It is our vision that any aficionado of snow sports should be able to choose the snowboard gear as per the skill level, ski destination, and other factors affecting the gear selection. Thus, we will always be on a mission to provide you transparent, comprehensive, and original reviews. As a result, you will be able to take an informed decision anytime, anywhere, and for any skiing adventure.

For creditworthiness and ‘as it is’ reviews, we have an extensive team of mixed experiences such as amateurs, rippers, and experts. Yes, they do smash boards, crush boots, shred gloves, and scratch helmets. Although they enjoy doing so, their main purpose is to give the true picture of that product under review.
Thus, wherever you ride and however you ride, we help you rely on the most stylish and functional gear on the hill.

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