Arcteryx Rush Jacket Review

Gareth Simpson

by Gareth Simpson

October 18, 2019

If you like snowboarding, skiing or just walking around a snow-covered mountain, you may need to consider the famous Arcteryx Rush Jacket. It is specifically designed and made to meet the highest expectations and to protect the wearer from the cold weather, low temperatures and so much more. At the same time, the jacket will provide excellent comfort and practicality. But, there are a lot more things you need to know about this particular outwear. Let’s reveal all of them.

A Few words about Arcteryx

Before we move to the next section, we will have to reveal a few words regarding the brand behind the jacket. The Arcteryx was founded in Canada back in 1989 under Rock Solid name. The man behind the brand is Dave Lane. In 1991 they changed the name into Arcteryx, the brand we all know today. By 1993 the brand was famous all around the globe and responsible for some of the most important and advanced outfits and backpacks for cold situations. In 1993 they released Bora backpack and opened several facilities around the world. One of the main additions occurred in 1996 when the company acquired the license to use Gore-Tex fabric.

The next main change occurred in 2001 when the brand was sold top Solomon Group (owned by famous Adidas) but in 2005 they were sold to Amer Company. This was an important time frame for the brand due to the fact the company started making accessories, outfits, and elements specifically for snowboarders, skiers and those who needed high-end protection.

Most Important Arcteryx Rush Jacket Features

Arcteryx Rush Jacket isn’t an ordinary piece of clothes you can find literally anywhere. It is sophisticated, high-end and professionally developed and made jacket suitable for the hardcore users. We know all of that because of the features implemented to the jacket itself. The main ones are explained below.

  • Breathability

Arcteryx Rush Jacket is a masterpiece thanks to the superior breathability. The main advantage is simple. The jacket will keep you warm at all times but it won’t cause you to overheat and sweat. All of this is possible thanks to the stunning Gore-Tex pro design. It will keep you cool, it will stay comfortable in all situations but it is extremely appealing and can be worn without any other outfit. The jacket allows the skin to breathe in all conditions, but won’t let the wind and cold air reach your body.

The breathability is one of the main features and the main advantages the jacket offers. Thanks to it, you can wear it even in Alaska or other parts of the globe where the temperatures are very low. You will be well-protected and there won’t be any downsides.

  • Durability

Arcteryx Rush Jacket is designed to withstand all possible usages. It is extremely strong and on our tests, we were unable to find any issue regarding the durability. In the lack of a better word, the jacket is strong and can be considered as a smart and wise investment. You can wear it while snowboarding, riding snowmobiles and literally anything else.

  • Waterproofing

The model in question is made from Gore-Tex and has a membrane in the deeper layers that make it 100% waterproof. In simple terms, you can wear the jacket in any situation and it will keep you perfectly dry. This also refers to the zippers which are waterproof as well. Despite the fact zippers look soft and strange, they do an amazing job in keeping you dry at all times.

  • Warmth

Thanks to all the features present here and the ones we have mentioned earlier, the Arcteryx Rush Jacket is suitable for low temperatures of any range. It will keep you warm through the day and there won’t be any issues to worry about. After all, it is suitable for wearers living in Alaska. However, the jacket is low on weight and thinner, making it suitable for low not extremely low temperatures.

  • Pockets

There are 5 pockets in total. The two of them are for your hands and they can be used while wearing gloves. There is one drop in a pocket inside, one on the biceps and one on the chest. All the pockets are waterproof and they are practical, strong and solid.

  • Hoods

The hood is another thing where you can see the attention to detail and stunning development. It is massive so it can be used while wearing a hat or a helmet and it is easy to use thanks to high-end cords. In addition, the hood is strong and shares 1teh same design as the rest of the jacket.

  • Extra Features

Additional features include the pit zips and the powder skirt. The pit zips are added to decrease the temperature inside the jacket and a nice way to keep you cool. Powder skirt is used to keep the snow under the jacket and make it unable to reach the chest or back.

What We Like

  • Durability
  • Extreme practicality
  • Great hood
  • Lightweight design
  • Plenty of pockets

What We Don’t

  • Powder skirt cannot be removed
  • There is some level of wear from the Velcro additions

Our Verdict

The Arcteryx Rush Jacket is a stunning piece of design and the one that deserves your full attention. It is well-made, it comes with all the features you will ever need and it is extremely durable. It is a smart investment that will keep you warm and safe while on the mountain.



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