Comprehending the Different Snowboard Camber Profiles

Snowboard Camber Profiles Choosing the right snowboard can be a daunting task, especially for the first-time buyers. This is because they need to assess in detail to get to the right one. While going through the different buying guides, buyers usually come across different factors to consider. One of them is snowboard camber profiles. Well, … Read more

Snowboard Camber Profile: Everything You Need to Know

Snowboard Camber Profile A few years ago, mostly all snowboards were cambers. What it is something we will explore a bit later in this post but right now, it is important for you to know this fact. Yes, there was no other snowboard profile due to which choosing a snowboard was not a daunting task. … Read more

Rocker Camber Profile: All That You Need to Know

Rocker Camber Profile Until the early 2000s, there was just a single snowboard profile that alone governed the speed, performance, and riding style. Just place a snowboard on the snow, check it sideways, and everything would appear quite similar regardless of the brand, model, and make. This profile was the camber profile having a concave … Read more

Snowboard Waxing Guide

How to wax your snowboard Whether you are a beginner or an expert boarder investing in maintenance gear, waxing is essential for a smooth and quick glide. Did you know that waxing can even increase the lifespan of your board? For enjoying these benefits, it is essential to know how to wax a snowboard. Read … Read more

Flat Camber Profile Explained

Flat Camber If you have decided to buy a snowboard or change the existing one, you are likely to be on the path of mastering the primary parts of the snowboard. This is because this comprehension is essential for choosing the right snowboard. On this journey of comprehension, one of the important parts to explore … Read more

Hybrid Camber Profile: Everything you need to know

Hybrid Profile Two decades ago, what the snowboarders were riding were cambered snowboards. Camber was the only profile to be seen in any shopping catalog. Camber is the source that supplies power to a snowboard. It helps in carving turns easily and retaining an edge hold while enjoying a swift ride with stability and lots … Read more

Snowboard Tuning – Step by step instructions

How to Tune a Snowboard Summer heat and humidity are likely to result in a rusted snowboard. Such a board does not give the best performance in winter. To overcome that, it is essential to tune your snowboard. Read on… Materials Required For tuning your own beloved snowboard at home, it is essential to invest … Read more

Snowboards Buying Guide – Complete Guide To Select The Ideal One

How to pick a Snowboard One of the most pleasing and the most complicated quests you will ever have to do in your lifetime is choosing a new snowboard. Perhaps this sounds like cliché but it is the truth. These days snowboards come in all possible sizes, shapes, made from different materials, paired with different … Read more

​How To Choose Snowboard Backpacks

Snowboard Backpack Buying Guide A snowboard backpack is an essential element during your trips, especially as you gain experience and skills. You are likely to bring more accessories and stuff, not to mention spending more time in the mountains. For a beginner, it may not seem like a good idea, yet the faster you get … Read more

​How To Choose Snowboard Goggles

SnowBoard Goggles Being able to see clearly without squinting while on a mountain is just as important as having the right snowboard helmet or perfectly fitting pants. Every set of snowboard goggles comes with some protection against cold and wind, but there are other things you need to consider before making an investment. In this … Read more