How to Choose a Snowboard Helmet

Snowboard Helmet Whether it comes to more comfort, warm ears or preventing serious injuries, wearing a helmet is essential when going out snowboarding. No matter how good you are, most injuries occur when others snowboard into you, so it is always wiser to prevent than to heal. This guide will help you choose the right … Read more

Snowboard Socks Buying Guide

How to choose the Snowboard Socks Some say that snowboard socks are as important as snowboard itself. We don’t agree with that claim. We say they are even more important than the actual skateboard. Here’s why. Even if you have the best possible skateboard but with poor socks your feet will freeze and you will … Read more

Snowboard Hat&Beanies Buying Guide

Snow Hat & Beanie When snowboarding, two things are the most important and they are the first one to consider. Yes, having a great snowboard is mandatory but this is a separate story. The two things we have mentioned are the warmth your body needs and the second is the cool factor. All snowboarders want … Read more

The Essential Snowboard Guide

Snowboarding Guide : Accessories , Clothing & Gear Going on your first snowboarding trip can both super-exciting and very stressful at the same time. However, you shouldn’t allow for your anxiety to take over you. Instead, focus on preparing for the trip and leave nothing to chance. What follows is a checklist that will help … Read more

How To Fly With A Snowboard On A Plane

How to Fly with Snowboards & Gear Each airline has its own policy when it comes to fees for extra bags. If you are planning your next snowboard vacation then efficiently packing needs to be a top priority for you. To that end, the following guidelines and tips can be a game changer for you. … Read more

Snowboarding Vs Skiing – Here’s What’s Right For You

Snowboarding Vs Skiing – Advantages and Disadvantages Skiing was invented centuries ago. Snowboarding more like decades ago, somewhere in the late 60s and didn’t become popular until the 1980s. It is in those years when the rivalry between skiing and snowboarding begun. A rivalry that kept going until the present day and will remain in … Read more

Glossary Of Snowboarding Slang And Terms Related To Winter Sports

Snowboard Terms Glossary The glossary was made using various sources such as books, instructional guides, dictionaries, and other specialized glossaries. The terms and slang found here are widely popular and used among members of the skiing and snowboarding community. A Aerial tramway – Also known as aerial tram, tram, or cable car. Avalanche airbag – … Read more

Snowboard Wax Buyer Guide

Snowboard Wax Snowboard wax is somewhat of a mystery for many new folks that are new in the winter delight called snowboarding. What they don’t realize is that waxing is a game changer, one whose influence cannot be ignored, nor it should be. Here we will explain what’s all the fuss about it, the types … Read more