Best Snowboard Brands 2018

Snowboards the most ecstatic thing made by human for recreational purpose. The manufacturing of snowboards has started in the late 1960s. And the story behind it is quite enthralling. But when it comes to buying your very first snowboard or having your passion to ride great snowboards, one look for best snowboard brands available in the market.

BEST Snowboard Brands

There are plenty of brands in the market for snowboards but not all of them have the caliber to serve you with your best snowboard ever. People tend to choose the brands that are popular or expensive. However, the brands which serve you a good deal are not always amongst these. To make things easier, here is a list of the top 11 brands for snowboards that should be your priority while buying one:

  1. Never summer

Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado, the brand is known for making the strongest and sturdiest snowboards. Seasoned snowboard riders keep this brand the first priority when it comes to a safe and exciting ride. The tech team is thoroughly trained to design and manufacture smooth and sturdy snowboards at affordable rates. The snowboards are ergonomic and safe. The snowboarders love to ski in their boards. Hence, never summer brand has earned itself a great name in the list of best snowboards brands across the globe.

  1. Arbor collective

Snowboard with those flashy and attractive designs that you see while you ride usually turns out to be an Arbor collective product. The brand is famous for its designs and fabrication, which is why it gets on the expensive side. The snowboards are aerodynamically designed and fabricated that enhances the skiing experience. Moreover, the range of various snowboards in vivid designs gives the customer a range of choice to choose from. The super gloss finish and punk rock graphics give the boards an ultra-modern look.

  1. Burton

This daddy needs no introduction as it’s the most famous brand since the 90’s. Based in Vermont and founded by Jake Burton Carpenter, this brand probably served you with your first ever board. The brand has been a favorite of many because of it super-strong and easy to ride on. It is considered the best when it comes to boards for beginners. The company used a single-channel mounting system on the 2008 models. A year later, this system was installed on other lines as well. A binding system was also offered with it. It gave riders more control on turning. One can also move the binding in another direction from before, back and forward with the help of the bindings.

  1. GNU

The brand, serving handmade and color-exploding snowboards, is a life-long investment. It is super strong and great for beginners. It is the child company of Mervin manufacturing, based in California. Later on, Altamont capital purchased the company in 2014 and upgraded the infrastructure to manufacture quality snowboards.

  1. Nitro snowboards

The brand has grown multi-folds since its beginning in Seattle. You can find any snowboard here that suits your riding styles. The types and styles available here are made for both men and women. The frame is designed so that any feet can fit in. The bindings are easy to use. Just insert your feet and buckle up the straps. The straps are designed in the form of ratchets providing extra security. Ratchets have buttress threads which have self-locking property and can only be unlocked when the buckle is widened. The ankle straps have sponge and rubber to provide comfort to your feet.

  1. Lib tech

The America-based brand is undoubtedly a fan-favorite and beats almost all the top-notches. Mommies and daddies should keep the brand as their top priority while getting their kid their first ever snowboard. The technology they are introducing the snowboards have truly mesmerized the customers to opt their snowboards. The snowboards have also won many accolades and have been marked as environmentally sustainable product. Lib Tech’s environmental task force, also known as “environmental division,” looks after the company’s sustainability measures. The company incorporates environmentally friendly materials. These materials are water-based graphics, bio-plastic top sheets, organic epoxy resins, bio-degradable wooden cores, and many more. The company has also designed their factory keeping the environment in mind. Use of toxic chemicals is strictly prohibited inside the campus. No boards are made using these which in turn does not affect the health of the employees.

  1. K2

K2 started off as the ski manufacturers and took out some really cool designs that you could actually show off. The brand later turned to manufacture snowboards which are known to last the longest and work flawlessly on your ride. It is one of the top 5 manufacturers of snowboards in America. The company also sponsored professional snowboarders in the past. The wooden core is made of high-quality wood which is flexible and has extreme bending strength. The quality of core also increases the longevity and durability of the snowboards. They also appeared on the Snowboard magazine because of their good wood rating. The magazine detailed the quality of the snowboards and the affordable prices for varieties of snowboard lines.

  1. Capita

Capita is best known to serve park ride snowboards. The brand price is pretty expensive though and the quality doesn’t justify the price. The strength adds to the advantage and is a good deal for intermediate riders. It is strongly recommended for riders searching stronger boards to hit boxes and rails or love to get into air with a leader of the park.

  1. Rossignol

This brand uses some great techs to make itself a top-notch. Though it got into the snowboard business a little late, Rossignol has given some tough competition to its counterparts. With snowboards, Rossignol have also specialized into the accessories like helmets, gloves, buffs, protection and many more thus, providing you with a perfect package. All you can get from a single place.

  1. Jones

The snowboards here might hurt your pocket but the quality they offer totally justifies the high price. Jones lets you smash through the mountains and off the rocks like no other brand.

  1. Ride

Ride is one of those top brands that is not much famous in the non-snowboarder but is crazily popular with the intermediate riders. The brand tends to get tougher with your riding skills and helps you improve multifold. Leading the snowboard market in the ‘all mountain’ and ‘freestyle’ category, they do come handy for intermediate riders.


  1. Rome

This Young player in the race was founded in the year 2001. The brand is almost a baby among the snowboard manufacturers and they were upright against the brands who sold snowboards at high rates just by slamming some famous snowboarder’s name on the board. These Vermonters are already shaking up the present status of the market. They sell high quality boards at practically very reasonable price. These snowboards have a great capability to glide in the powder. And the riders with a particular taste in powder riding can expect to be more than happy while riding these nicely priced snowboards. The brand has no complaints and it is pretty hard to find an old user who would switch to some other brand.

  1. Salomon

The name that associates with stability is Salomon. The perfect example of their stability is the series of accolades they have received in the past. They are regular in winning awards and get their names carved on the “top boards of the year” list. Some of you might remember from the 90s. One of the brands fondly remembered. The main characteristic of their board is the wide sides which are ideal for beginners. The boards have stability at high speeds and avert risks. One can certify that when they ride it. It is easy to find them at low prices during sale at local board shops.

  1. Flow

Talk of strong, smooth and durable boards, Flow snowboards will sneak into the list. Flow has unique bindings to its snowboards which sets it apart from other brands. The brand is well recognized among intermediate riders and has gained much popularity over years. Apart from these characteristics, they also provide a 4 year performance guarantee. Thus, the return on investment is quite attractive. Doesn’t it sound great? So you must check out the snowboards from Flow.

  1. Prior

Canada based Prior has been producing boards since 1990 which costs less than most of the brand. Located in Whistler, BC, Canada, prior is known for its smooth rides. The rides are unbeatable. The boards are made from best quality wood with top-notch bindings. The finesse of snowboards can be found here. Professionals looking out for some advanced snowboards as well as experience would want to check the company’s snowboards, especially the alpine snowboard. They are also known for excellent backcountry boards.

  1. Venture:

Handcrafted in USA, Venture boards targets the advanced level snowboarders with the segment being premium. The brand is concomitant in price and quality with Prior. Venture boards have limited offerings but however the quality of boards is worth every buck. Their tagline also proudly announces that their boards are handcrafted from scratch in the USA.

  1. Unity

If you are looking for snowboards with delicate details and attention to minute places of the boards, then Unity snowboards are for you. The intrinsic eye to details of a snowboard has made this brand stand out from the rest creating a new segment. The brand is located in Summit Colony, Colorado and imparts a great charm to their boards which definitely attracts the eyes of intermediate as well as professional snowboards. The great rides are even available at very affordable price. So, do look out for the boards on sale which can provide you with an opportunity to ride this charming snowboards.

  1. Sims

Even being 40 years in business, the brand is not well recognized. But Sims proves to be one of the pioneers in the business of offering snowboards to the riders. Located and manufactured in the USA, Sims snowboards are strong and sturdy. The make is straight and simple yet appealing in various ways. They are reliable as well and riders put their trust into the sturdy boards. Although the major problem being the rumors about deterioration in the quality but the brand is at its peak recently and if you are looking for sturdy and reliable board, Sims snowboards are the place to visit. The critical reviewers have also acknowledged the brand and now they are topping the game. They receive regular strings of awards and recognition from users as well.

  1. Signal

Why buy a snowboard when you can just subscribe to it? Subscribe to a signal snowboard and just pay the subscription fees every month till a year. What happens then? After a year, you will own the snowboard. The broad advantage of the Signal snowboards is that the price of subscribing the boards is as nominal as the subscription fees of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify premium summed up. Another advantage is that the price won’t escalate for you and you will pay the same fees when you subscribe to it. The boards are simple and smooth yet beautiful and the pay-to-own system of purchasing adds the cherry on the top. Moreover, it is highly recommended for those who do not wish to make a purchase upfront.

  1. Yes

The brand is young and was founded in 2009. But the owners have been in business for a long period. They used to work at Burton’s and underwent a rapid growth when the company started in Europe. The available boards are slick, stylish and worth embracing. It is a great snowboards brand for the beginners and one will find the boards at pretty reasonable rate.

  1. Lobster

The products are basically designed for fun purpose. But how do they do it? These high performance boards are flashy with edgy designs. Lobster has earned its name in the snowboarding market with flair and color. Lobster is focused to provide the riders with the fun and safety at the same time. Though the price may be slightly higher, the brand offers the culture of snowboards packed with a new trend for youth.

  1. Slash

Professional snowboarder Gigi Ruff is the man behind Slash. The brand is completely focused on the wooden core of the snowboards. The creation is off the road and one may not get to see these creations more often. The prices are reasonable too. So if you want to buy one, locate the store, find your suit, purchase and use. The Slash boards are also available online by a third party distributor. The creations are quite unique composed with Austrian mad styles and the flavor of shred doc appearance. Beginners and intermediate riders can ride these snowboards with fun.

  1. Smoking

As the word sounds, the features too are smoking awesome. Smoking is a beginner’s snowboards brand from Lake Tahoe. The brand is quite new and growing everyday in the snowboard market and the unique value they are offering is to the beginners who wish to own a unique board. The boards are easy to cruise and maintenance is hassle-free. The boards also suffice the needs of any rider who has a budget constraint and do not want to burn a hole in the pocket instantly but also wish to acquire some great cool designed snowboard which doesn’t require much attention to maintenance yet serve the purpose.

  1. DC

DC had been an existing player in the sports industry selling skate shoes. They are still selling a lot of stuff and some believe that they are not exactly focused on the snowboard business. But the idea and vision is clear as crystal. They have some cool collections of snowboards in spite of the fact that they are not readily focused on snowboards. However, they do not rank in the list of elite snowboard makers but they have incredible distribution coverage as they appear in most of the shops and rental places in the USA. The boards are also safe during clunky rides that ride you downhill safely. But their areas of excellence lies in the parks.

This is one list that might help you choose your snowboarding companion. If you go out to shop for them and happen to stumble upon one of these, go grab it without thinking twice. Get a snowboard that adds to your fun and safety.

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