Snowboard Hat&Beanies Buying Guide

Gareth Simpson

by Gareth Simpson

October 18, 2019

Snow Hat & Beanie

When snowboarding, two things are the most important and they are the first one to consider. Yes, having a great snowboard is mandatory but this is a separate story. The two things we have mentioned are the warmth your body needs and the second is the cool factor. All snowboarders want to be as cool as possible and a hat or beanie can significantly help the cause. Now is our time to dedicate the full attention on how to choose snowboard Hat/Beanies.

How to Choose Snowboard Hat/Beanies


The first thing you will want to know is that headbands are very desirable at the moment. As a matter of fact, they have been desirable for ages. They are made from the same or similar materials as the beanies (something we will explain below) and they have similar but not the same function. A headband is designed to keep your ears warm and to prevent sweat from reaching your eyes. While doing so, it won’t cover your head which makes it more comfortable for some people. If you want to wear a helmet only or want to feel the wind in your hair, a headband is an obvious choice.


Beanies come in all possible sizes, shapes and with prices, you can think of. In a nutshell, we must add that the average price is between $10 and $50. Yes, there are more affordable models, but if choosing one of them, take a look at the materials, the strength and the ability to get dry within minutes. For the aforementioned price range, you can find countless models on the market. They are also considered as high-end units and they will meet the most advanced requirements. Also, you can find even more expensive models, but they are usually made by popular brands and advertised as professional units.


A beanie has several functions. The first one is to keep your head warm at all times. You need this in order to enjoy snowboarding, an obvious fact. This is the main reason why beanies are made from strong and thick materials and why they look like they do.

The second purpose is to control the sweat. Snowboarding is a complicated and consuming sport which will push your body to the limit. When under physical stress, all people sweat and without a beanie that sweat will reach your back, neck, chest and even worse. With a beanie, all that sweat will be held in one place and you can easily manage it.

The third function is to look great. This is probably more important for ladies, but most men are choosing a beanie that can help them match the overall look and stay cool at all times. It is possible to see this if you take a look at the available models. They come in all colors with different designs and motives, due to this very reason.

Enhanced comfort might be a function as well. But, it is more a side effect of all the other functions we mentioned than a separate one. Nevertheless, all snowboarders want to be as comfortable as possible and a beanie can help them reach the ultimate level of comfort.


You need to know that a beanie is a type of a snowboarding hat. This is the best and the most popular type we can think off and it deserves special attention. There are so many different styles out there, but two of them are extremely desirable at the moment and they must be explained. They may look similar, but they are actually completely different.


A beanie made from fur was the only option a few years back. This means that the actual, animal fur was used. The reason for that is obvious. The first snowboarding hats were made from fur and we can add that the first beanies were made from actual fur as well. They are still available on the market and they are one of the most expensive models.

One benefit here is comfort. These beanies are very comfortable and they look perfect. For people who want genuine leather and actual animal fur only, this type will be the only alternative. Of course, if you don’t like wearing animal fur you should move to the next option.

Faux Fur

Faux fur literally translates as fake fur and it is a synthetic material that has been with us since 1929. This was the year when fake fur reached the market for the first time. Modern materials of this type are almost identical to the genuine fur and you need to be an expert in order to tell the difference. They feel the same and they look basically the same.

One of the differences is the price. As we have mentioned, genuine animal fur is expensive, but this isn’t the case with fake fur. It is far more affordable, yet it shares the same appearance. If you want to impress people around you but you are actually on a tight budget or you don’t like genuine fur, this is the best option. It isn’t the only option as you shall see soon.

Types of Beanies

Beanies can be divided according to the material used in their construction. At the beginning, we did mention that this element will be explained. Now is the time to explain all we know about different materials and help you get a complete idea on the different materials, why they are used and what are their benefits.

Woolen Beanie

Woolen beanies are extremely popular and for some people, they are the only valuable choice. The biggest advantage is in the fibers. They can withstand all weather conditions and they will keep you perfectly warm. Beanies made from wool can be either knitted or woven and they come in all colors and all motives you can think of.

A woolen beanie will strength 50% when wet and 30% when dry, which makes them very versatile. In addition, a woolen beanie will last for decades and is very tough. A separate type is merino wool. It has finer fibers and it is more comfortable. But, this material is slightly more expensive than ordinary wool.

Fleece-lined Beanie

Fleece is a synthetic material commonly used for making beanies. The thickness is low and it ranges between 1 and 300. This material is washing machine washable, it can last for years and reasonably comfortable. Let’s also add that some models are lined with fleece only. This is used to make them more comfortable and more durable. Fleece is stretchable material.

There are two additional things you need to know about this material, and therefore about beanies made from it. The first one is the breathability. It is at the highest level possible. The heat retention is also stunning and can be one of the bets we were able to discover.

Cotton Beanie

There are no a lot of things we can say about cotton beanies. They share the same list of advantages as the material itself. They are lightweight and very soft to touch. At the same time, they are reasonably durable and they can be washed in a washing machine. The feeling you will have when wearing a beanie made from cotton is one of a kind and there is no better option for those who want a lightweight hat.

Cotton beanies are extremely affordable and they can be found in any size, shape or with any motif. Basically, they are versatile and they are used by snowboarders who want comfort more than the warmth. At the same time we can see that they require less maintenance and drying time is decent.

Acrylic Beanie

Acrylic is a synthetic material that is the most popular for making beanies. It comes in all colors, with all shapes and with all motives you can imagine. The biggest benefit is dye retention. Acrylic will keep the colors safe and factory as long as needed and you can see that some beanies made from this material a decade ago still look like new. The next best thing about acrylic is the price. It is one of the most affordable materials here and makes beanies the most affordable as well. This choice is perfect for people who are on a tight budget.

Acrylic is a strong material, comfortable to wear and it will get dry as soon as possible. The heat retention is average and will meet most of your expectations.  The last but not least important is the cleaning. This material is known as the best when it comes to cleaning it and making sure that a beanie looks like brand new.


Now you are ready to find your best beanie and start wearing it all the time. We presented you with all the things you will need to know and we believe you are ready to choose the toughest and the most versatile beanie available on the market. After all, you will look cool while staying warm and protecting your head.

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