Snowboard Socks Buying Guide

Gareth Simpson

by Gareth Simpson

October 18, 2019

How to choose the Snowboard Socks

Some say that snowboard socks are as important as snowboard itself. We don’t agree with that claim. We say they are even more important than the actual skateboard. Here’s why. Even if you have the best possible skateboard but with poor socks your feet will freeze and you will have to go back home and stay warm.

There is an entire science with choosing the best skateboard socks and now we will present you all the facts you need to know.


All snowboard socks are made from different materials. But, which type is actually used? In a nutshell, there are two main types, mentioned below. Each one comes with its set of pros and cons, something we will include as well.


Synthetic snowboard socks are usually made from a blend of nylon with some other material. For example, they can be made from polyester, acrylic or blend of all three materials. They are affordable and suitable for people who are allergic to wool. These are their main advantages and the main reasons why so many people prefer synthetic snowboard socks.

The next main advantage is heat retention. It is stunning and at the highest level. These socks are also better when it comes to bad odors. Thanks to the materials, the bad odors are less likely to appear which makes them suitable for people with this problem.


Most if not all snowboard socks made from natural materials are made from wool. The benefits include superb heat retention and the natural feel. These socks are some of the warmest and the most comfortable you can have on your feet and for some people, they are the only choice that matters.

Two types of wool are used here. The first and older models were made from ordinary wool, which can be itchy for some of you. Merino wool doesn’t have that problem and it is far more comfortable. Models made from Merino wool are considered as the best of the best and the most appealing in general.

Thickness and Cushioning

Snowboard socks come with several different cushioning levels and thickness. Each one is designed for a specific type of user and comes with its own set of advantages. Let’s see the main variations below and define each one.

No cushioning

These socks are made for users who are professionals and who wear professional boots. They usually have tight fit meaning a sock with heavy cushioning isn’t an option. Some also prefer these socks due to the fact they feel more natural and can help you control a snowboard. Basically, you have a feeling that you wear ordinary everyday socks.

The insulation is still decent, but there are no cushions that should absorb vibrations or friction. When it comes to comfort, these socks are not very good. After all, they are made for the performance.

Light cushioning

Light cushioning is usually present on the front part of the socks, above the toes. They are made for people suffering from blisters and who are also prone to injuries around the toe area. The cushions are low in thickness and they are carefully positioned around the toes only. There are no cushions on other parts of the socks, except in some cases when the cushions will be added to the heel as well.

Medium cushioning

Medium cushions are popular these days due to a specific reason. Snowboarders love them because they offer much better warmth retention and absorb vibrations and friction. They are more common in the world of snowboarding than in the world of skiing. The reason is in the snowboarding boots, which are generally looser than ski boots. You will need socks of this kind if you plan snowboarding in cold weather for a long period of time.

Heavy cushioning

Heavy cushions are reserved when you are planning to use your snowboard in the harshest environment. For example, when you are planning to go extremely high on the mountain or planning to ride a snowmobile. The thickness is massive and you can feel it all the time. In addition, you can also enjoy a superb heat retention and you will know your feet are protected from all possible threats. Of course, you will need boots with looser fit due to obvious reasons.

Compression socks

Compression socks are made for one purpose only. They are used by professionals for performance recovery. You can still get a pair of these socks online and they are very appealing to wear but keep in mind that the accent is on the performance and this is their sole purpose. Compression socks don’t have cushions and they look very thin. The comfort isn’t great but it is decent. Those who are looking for performance recovery definitely should consider a pair of these socks. They are mandatory.

Fit and Length

There are two main factors to consider when looking for a new pair of snowboard socks. Both of them are explained below.


The first factor is the length. You can see that many models are up to the knee long. This is the standard length and very appealing. It will help you snowboard better and it will protect you from possible issues. Some snowboarders like their socks in the same length as the boots. We agree on that and we believe this is a worthy choice.


Different brands make snowboard socks of different sizes. Ideally, you will consider the size of your boots and match it to the size of the socks. Some of you will find that the ideal size is something in the middle, between small and medium or medium and large. If that happens, always choose a smaller size. It is a more secure fit and it is a wiser choice.


You can choose between two main types of snowboard socks. The first type is the tube and the second is ergonomic. Now is the time to see their differences.


Tube socks are simple in design and they come without advanced features. They look like a tube, hence the name. We should add that they are very popular and very affordable at the moment. Most beginners prefer this type due to overall simplicity.


Ergonomic socks are far more advanced. They come with superb features such as angle of the toes, specific reinforcements all over the socks and the shape which is obviously, ergonomic. Ergonomic means it will fit your feet perfectly, by following the natural contours. They are more appealing for professional snowboarders and they are more expensive.


There are three features you will need to consider and that are simply mandatory when looking for the best socks of this kind. Up there on a mountain, these three features can help you significantly.

Cushioning & Support

The first set of factors is the support and cushioning. We did explain all about the cushions above, but just to summarize. A pair of socks need to provide cushions in the level you are comfortable with. The idea is to get better comfort and prevent any friction that can cause numerous issues.

Support of the snowboard socks is mandatory as well. Here we can see that the support is located mostly on the angle and the toes. A good pair of socks need to provide better support than ordinary socks and hence decrease the risk of an injury. At the same time, you will get better performances.

Breathability & Ventilation

These are two important factors as well. The idea is to remove the hot air from the sock and replace it with cold air. Some socks do this perfectly while others are not so great. When the cold air is brought to the boots, your feet will stay warm yet they won’t sweat. In other words, you will get all the benefits but not a single drawback.

Modern snowboard socks have advanced vents and features that allow for the air to travel around your feet. They may look simple, but those models are more advanced than you may believe.


If you suffer from bad odor coming from your feet you must consider this factor. In some cases it is just a layer of chemical (harmless for people) in others it is a special material used for making the socks. The goal here is to make the environment hostile to bacteria and germs. We all know that bacteria cause bad odors and without them, bad odors will be a thing of the past. New models are very effective in this and you should add them to your list even if you don’t have the aforementioned problem.


Snowboard socks are something that can help you stay outside longer, get better results on the snow and protect you from countless issues. They deserve your full attention and a good pair of snowboard socks is a great investment, something you will cherish for many years in the future. Consider all the points we mentioned above and your choice will be the right one.

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