Amphibio Profile

A revolutionary innovation that combines rocker and camber profiles in a single ski. The Amphibio profile is a unique, revolutionary innovation, combining both rocker and camber profiles. The secret lies in the left and right ski construction, with each ski featuring a cambered inside edge assuring edge grip and stability, and a rockered outside edge for easier turning.

Elan Amphibio Profile


Parabolic Rocker Profile

The Parabolic Rocker Profile brings a shorter effective length of the ski edge for effortless turns. The Parabolic sidecut improves carving turns on all terrains and the Front side Stabilizer improves ski stability. This unique Elan formula combining Parabolic sidecut and Early Rise Rocker allows turn initiation at a very low edge angle. Throughout the turn, the frontside stabilizer absorbs vibrations to enhance edge hold and control. This provides smooth turns, making it easy to carve and offering stability in any conditions. The result is performance that excels anywhere on the mountain.

parabolic rocker profile


Early Rise Rocker Profile

Easy Turning! Moderate rocker in the tip and tail results in a shorter effective length of the ski edge, enabling skiers to make effortless turns. Early Rise Rocker provides effortless turns thanks to moderate rocker in the tip and tail, which results in a shorter effective length of the ski's edge.



Conventional (Camber) Profile

A conventional camber profile has edge contact from tip to tail and provides grip, stability, and power transmission over the full length of the ski.

conventional camber profile


Mountain Rocker Profile

Moderate tip rocker and lifted rocker tail for better floatation, easier turn initiation and maneuvering in varied snow conditions. Combined with slight camber it delivers great turning and stability on groomed slopes.

Mountain rocker profile




BC Rocker profile

Full tip rocker for riding in powder and various snow conditions and semi tail rocker that makes your switch skiing and landing much easier and smooth.

bc rocker profile


Jib Rocker Profile

Elan's freestyle skis with a jib rocker profile will ensure a perfect shredding day in the park, thanks to easy take off from kickers. This freestyle specific profile helps stomping landings and butters - so they won’t ever be a problem again.

Jib rocker profile



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